How to received item with Serialization

1.On the menu, click Purchasing and select Receiving Delivery.

2.Click to create new and Select the required details, Supplier, Purchasing type, Company, and Date. Once done, you can now add a product.

3.Click Add new item button to add items to your order. Once done, click the dropdown and select the item to purchase.

4. To Serialize item, Click Serialize button then click serialize. Once done Click View SKU.

5.SKU number is autogenerated, manually input your SKU name in SKU title and Select Expiration and warranty if you have one. Once done click Save button and Click the receive to add quantity to your stock.

6. Review the item, once done click receive button to finalize receiving.

How to approve a purchase requisition

1. Go to purchasing, click purchase requisition

2. Choose Purchase order that needs an approval, or you can get a notification for purchase order requisition approval at the upper left beside the SystemSIA logo.

3. Check the requisition. Once the requisition is okay, you can change the status of the items (refer to the status list below) and click Convert to PO button. You may now proceed to Purchase Orders.

The Purchase Request has 4 statuses:

Pending – unresolved item

Submitted – submitted for approval if there are approvers 

Note: If you have not encoded approvers yet, kindly follow the instructions on How to set up an approver.

Approved – approved items will be included in the Purchase Order

Disapproved – not approved

Note: One Purchase Request with different suppliers will be separated into different POs per supplier.

Create a record of returned item from your customer

When your customer has to return a certain product or item, follow the instructions below to create a record.

Note: An Invoice or DR must be created first as those are the references of your customer’s returned item(s). If you have not created an Invoice or DR yet, kindly follow these instructions on How to create an Invoice or How to create a Delivery Receipt.

To create please follow the step below:

1. On the Warehouse menu, go to Delivery Return and click Create New button.

2. On Return Type field, select Sales and fill in the details. Click Save.

3. Select the product from the dropdown. Note: The items in the dropdown are only the items included in the Invoice or DR number you selected. Input the quantity your customer returned to you. Choose status why they returned the item(s) and click Add button.

4. Double-check the details and click Return then Proceed button. You may now print your Delivery Return record.

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Adjust stock quantity

To make sure that the physical stock quantity is in sync with the system quantity of your items, you may check and adjust it easily.

How to adjust stock quantity

1. On the Warehouse menu, select Stock Take and click Add. Choose the warehouse or branch from the dropdown and click Generate.

2. Adjust the quantity per unit or per piece. Click Add.

3. Click Post button.

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Transfer stock to a different branch or warehouse

When a branch or warehouse urgently needs stocks, you can transfer stock to a different branch or warehouse with System SIA.

Note: Transferring stocks is only possible if you already created multiple branches or warehouses. Kindly follow our instructions on How to setup a Store Branch.

1. On the Warehouse menu, select Transfer Stock and click Create New button.

2. Select the details and click Save.

3. Select the item from the dropdown, input quantity, and click Add button.

4. Click Transfer and Proceed to finalize your transfer.

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Create a special discount

SIA special discount is used by setting a discount per product which can be offered or assigned to your customers.

1. On the Maintenance menu, click Special Discount and click Add button.

Note: For the import, we already have a template for you to fill in. After filling out the template you can select the file you import then upload it on the system.

2. Now select which product you’re going to provide a discount. You can choose the discount by percentage or fix amount. Type in the amount and click Save.

3. After saving you can add by customer or by group. Select which customer you’re going to give a discount and click Add Customer.

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Create an approver

For the security and correctness of every order, approvers can be assigned to users of the system.

1. On the Maintenance, click Approvers, and click Add button.

2.Select a staff or user who will be the approver.

3. Select in which order the approver needs to approve the transaction.

4. Choose what transaction needs to be approved then click Save.

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