Create a special discount

SIA special discount is used by setting a discount per product which can be offered or assigned to your customers.

1. On the Maintenance menu, click Special Discount and click Add button.

Note: For the import, we already have a template for you to fill in. After filling out the template you can select the file you import then upload it on the system.

2. Now select which product you’re going to provide a discount. You can choose the discount by percentage or fix amount. Type in the amount and click Save.

3. After saving you can add by customer or by group. Select which customer you’re going to give a discount and click Add Customer.

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Create an approver

For the security and correctness of every order, approvers can be assigned to users of the system.

1. On the Maintenance, click Approvers, and click Add button.

2.Select a staff or user who will be the approver.

3. Select in which order the approver needs to approve the transaction.

4. Choose what transaction needs to be approved then click Save.

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Create customer record(s)

For a complete transaction in the system, customer record(s) should be saved with their complete details for better tracking.

On the menu, click Maintenance and select Customers.

Create customer record(s) one at a time

1. On the Action section (left side), click Create New button.

2. Input Customer Information.

3. Input the Address Information.

4. Input Other Information.

5. Click Add Contact Person, fill up the fields and click Save.

6. Click the Save button.

Create customer record(s) by batch upload

1. On the Action section (left side), click the Import Excel button.

2. Click the Download Template button.

3. Open the Excel templates, fill up the fields, and save on your computer.

Note: Make sure that the Customer Codes match in the three templates for a specific Customer.

4. Go back to the system, click Select File and select the Excel file you saved.

5. Wait for the file to upload.

6. Click Save once done.

Add system users

Add different system users for different departments. This will help in making a quick and accurate process.

1.On the menu, click Maintenance and select Staff.

2.Click the Add button

3. Fill up the Personal Information. Note: Special characters are not allowed in any information of the user.

4. Fill up the Contact Information.

5. Fill up the Account Details. Click the Save button.

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