Getting Started with Purchase Order

The purchase order is an official document that can be created only for one supplier.
In SystemSIA you can create a purchase order and purchase requests and manually.

When your products are on a critical level, you can now purchase new stock.

In order to create a purchase order manually, follow the next steps: 

1. Goto Purchasing and select purchase Order

2. Click create new button and select required details, Supplier, Purchasing type, Company, and Date. Once done, you can now add a product.

3. Click Add new item button to add items to your order. Once done, click dropdown and select item to purchase.

4. Once done click submit.

How to track Purchasing 

  1. Look for Purchasing, select Purchase Order, 
  2. Choose the purchase order that you want to check. 
  3. At the Upper details of your purchasing details you can view the status of your purchasing
  • Pending status means, that your purchase order hasn’t been submitted yet for approval. 
  • Submitted status that your purchase order waits for approval by the responsible manager.
  • Approved status means, that your purchase order was approved by the responsible manager.
  • Partial Delivery status means, that your customer purchase order haven’t fully delivered yet. 
  • Fully Deliver status means, that your customer purchase order is now fully delivered.

Note: If wish you to have an approver of your purchase click here to know how to create an approver

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