How to create a Delivery Receipt

Note: A Sales Order must be created first before creating a Delivery Receipt. You can follow our instructions on How to create a Sales Order.

When the customer’s orders are ready for delivery, you may now create a Delivery Receipt.

To create a delivery receipt, please follow the steps below:

1. On Sales menu, select Delivery, and click Create New

2. Select Sales Order number and fill in the delivery details then click Save.

3. Items from the selected Sales Order is automatically displayed. Edit the quantity to be delivered (can be in full or partial), and click Save Changes button. Note: Multiple Delivery Receipts can be created for 1 Sales Order until fully delivered.

4. Double-check the details and click For Delivery. You may now print your copy and customer’s copy by clicking Print button.

Note: After the item(s) have been delivered, go back to Delivery. Select the DR number of the delivered items and click Delivered button. Set the delivery date and click Proceed.

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