Orders to purchase

Control the purchasing of products and services by creating an official document. Purchase Orders can be created directly or created from an approved Purchase Request.


  • In order to create a Purchase Order, products must be encoded in the system. If you have not encoded products yet, follow our instructions on How to setup a product record.
  • For a secure process, approval of orders is implemented but is optional as well. If you have not encoded approvers yet, follow our instructions on How to setup an approver.

How to create a Purchase Order

1. On Purchasing menu, click Purchase Order and click Create New button.

2. Fill in the purchase details and click Save. Note: In Purchasing Type, choose if the item(s) is/are your product(s) or asset(s).

3. Select items to purchase. There are 3 ways to add an item.

1st: Select from the dropdown, edit the quantity, and click Add button.

2nd: Click Search Barcode button, type the barcode, and press Enter.

3rd: Click Search Item button.

  • Click the dropdown button and select how you want to search the item. By Itemcode, Name, Barcode, or Description.
  • Type the information you want to search and click the search button.
  • Look for the product at the results. Click Add to PO button, edit the quantity, and click Save Changes button.

4. Double check the details and click Submit then Proceed button.

Note: If your process requires approval, the Purchase Order will be pending. Wait for it to be approved to proceed.

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