Cuztomizable Inventory & Finance Software For Philippine Distribution Business

The best software that’s tailored for Distribution Business is crafted by Filipino engineers in the Philippines
Hundreds of Distribution Business in the Philippines trust SystemSIA for All-In-One Cuztomizable System.


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Whether you Manage Multiple Company, Multiple channel, and event Multiple warehouse, SystemSIA is the perfect easy to use solution that works together to help your distribution business.
System SIA System SIA

The key in running a successful business is knowing whats working on your entire business. SIA provides powerful reports and analytics. Get real and accurate insights on how your business is performing at your fingertips

Finding all the receivables that need to be collected is tough, especially if you’re doing it manually.SIA helps you easily generate your receivables, giving you the full insight of invoices that haven’t been paid. This helps you avoid missed payments from customers.

Monitoring your agent’s sales one by one may take time when it should be easy. Track their sales, customers, products and possible commission. Approve their requests before proceeding for a more secure practice. Keep reliable data with organized distribution process.

Increase inventory accuracy with barcoding

Tracking hundreds and thousands of stocks a day must be tough, especially if you’re doing it manually. SIA’s barcoding helps you easily identify and track your stock with far less chance of error, without having to work harder. This helps you fasten your process and track your item accurately.

Know where’s your money comes from and goes, and how your money is being spent. Generate Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement at your fingertips any time you want. This help you manage your cash and make a more confident plan for the future of your business.

You never need to adjust to everything you need, to track your entire business. Over 29 reports still SIA customize reports to provide the insights you need to help you make smarter strategies and wiser decisions.

Whether you manage multiple company SystemSIA gives you instant insight each of your business and help you oversee your finance with just a few simple clicks..

View of your sales channels performance with our multichannel dashboard. Compare revenue and profitability of ecommerce, marketplace, physical store, and wholesale channel performance in one place.

Managing hundreds and thousands of products in your warehouse might be a headache. SIA’s multiple warehouses or location feature helps you allocate easily where you placed your product and when the item has been transferred from one warehouse to another.

Not letting your customer negotiate with your price might put your relationship with them for a shorter period. With multiple pricing schemes built for B2B, SIA helps you build a strong foundation with your customer.

Never run out of stock. SIA ensures that you have enough stock on hand.With SIA’s critical limit reminder, you will be notified immediately to re-stock your item before your run out of stock.This helps you keep on track to avoid losing stock and also avoid loss of sale.

Even hundreds and thousand of item, easily manage perishable items in your warehouse by tracking the expiry date of all your products


Never make decisions with inaccurate information, SIA ensures that all data matches every transaction on your business.

With just a few clicks, you can generate beautiful analytics and accurate reports. You can easily make a smarter and wiser decision for your business.


Accurate data helps you make wiser decisions

For everything to be easy to make faster decisions, SIA provides beautiful reports and analytics. Get real and accurate insights on how your business is performing in just a few simple clicks.

Quick bird's-eye view at your finger tips; just one simple glance you will see the whole company real-time while you are in a meeting, travel or even in vacation. Access anytime and anywhere.

Real-time operation updates
Latest inventory in your warehouse
Check your financial health status on the spot
Government financial report
+30 more managerial reports
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Results help you make wiser decisions
System that fits your workflow

Software that adapt to fit your needs

Using a system that doesn’t fit your business workflow, can cause you headache which can lead your business into a slower process. A customizable system can perfectly fit your business. You can save money and at the same time speed up your business process more than you could imagine.

Ready made features plus your custom features equals efficiency
Our smart engineers ready to work for your complex flow
Don't get left behind from constant system updates of the latest technology as your company grows
Let us handle your painful process with automation and focus on business growth instead
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Security you can rely on

Our flexible backup system gives you access to protect, save, and backup your data Most businesses are having security issues, especially in data.

SIA provides a flexible backup feature to help you back up your data manually or set in auto back up data. Security is one of our priorities to everything we do so you can feel at ease with your data. auto back up data.

Automate and Manual Backup
2 Way Authentication
27/7 Up Time Monitoring
256-bit SSL Security
World Wide Backup
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Security you can rely on