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Inventory System Philippines

Increase your warehouse accuracy with
Inventory Management System

Tracking hundreds and thousands of stocks a day must be tough, especially if you’re doing it manually.

SIA’s barcoding system helps you easily identify and track your stock with far less chance of error, without having to work harder. This helps you speed up your process and track your item accurately.

Stock Critical Limit Notification

Avoid loss of sales

Keep notified with your critical stock

Never run out of stock. SIA ensures that you have enough stock on hand.

With SIA’s critical limit reminder, you will be notified immediately to re-stock your item before your run out of stock. This helps you keep on track to avoid losing stock and also avoid loss of sale.

Multiple Warehouse Management

Multiple Warehouse

Track multiple warehouse
real-time in one place. 

Managing hundreds and thousands of products in your warehouse might be a headache, especially if you receive bulk of order from your supplier.

SIA’s multiple warehouses or location feature helps you allocate easily where you placed your product and when the item has been transferred from one warehouse to another.

Expiration Management

Reduce product spoilage

Get notified before item expiration

Most of the businesses both large and small are having a hard time tracking their stocks, especially an item with expiration.

SIA’s expiration notification helps you get notified before item expiration to reduce product spoilage in your warehouse and avoid losing sales.

 Save hours of work in your warehouse with barcoding system

If you’re not used to using barcodes, you might be wondering how they might help you do things faster. A comprehensive barcode system simplifies processes and more by giving conveniences to use throughout your business process.

Instead of typing your products simply scan the item to speed your process.Here are some of barcoding software can help:

Receive item

Receive products directly to your inventory as they arrive.

Adjust stock

Adjust your item quantities on the spot.

Pick products

Pick products from the shelf and less them from your inventory.

Transfer stock

Transfer stock from one location to another

Check item stock

Check your item on the spot with one scan

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