5 Ways to upgrade your warehouse during this pandemic

Warehouse management system helps you start your digital transformation in your warehouse but to begin with you should start adopting technology integrated into your system. This will help you eliminate mistake and prevents mis-picks, improves accuracy, improves traceability  and streamline your process.

  1. Streamline processes by going paperless

Going paperless helps you reduce and eliminate the data lag and inaccuracy that happened to your business process.Integrating a barcode scanner into your system help you in a simple way to capture reliable data from your transaction like sales order, pick list, delivery, purchase orders, and more. Using a barcode scan helps you update on-the-spot, so that everyone can see what’s happening in your business real-time.

  1. Save time by automating your labels

Normalized ID scrutinizing contraptions channel data immediately into your structure. Not withstanding, before you can channel a thing, you’ll need a solid connection around scanner label names: when and where do things get their imprints; what kind of information ought to be gotten; what name association to use.
What kind of scanner tag is best for the job? 1D barcodes are most’s assessment on when they hear “normalized distinguishing proof” – a movement of lines and spaces that encode a lone piece of information. Notwithstanding, they’re not by and large ideal, since a lone name could require separate normalized recognizable pieces of proof (and thus a couple of ranges) to get all of the fundamental nuances of a trade.
2D barcodes are fast transforming into a top decision for their ability to improve and accelerate the inspecting association. Like QR codes, they use instances of shapes to get various scraps of information, for instance, package number, SKU code and sum, allowing chairmen to get every one of the three in a single “sharp” inspect. Rather than their 1D accomplices, 2D normalized distinguishing pieces of proof in like manner save space on your imprints and yield even more absolutely from both short and critical distances.

  1. Get more visibility by capturing data in real-time

Having to call your staff to double-check every item is in stock before they take an order is frustrating and time-consuming. Barcode scanners and inventory management help you eliminate wasted time and frustration by ensuring accuracy in your warehouse inventory.

  1. Reduce wasted time with barcode scanning

We’ve all struggled with telephone tag. A CSR calls a warehouse manager to check on an order’s status, but they get voicemail instead. The warehouse calls the CSR to get clarification on an order, but the CSR is on the phone. Multiply this back-and-forth across many employees, many times a day – lots of wasted time.
Barcode scanning ensures that both the office and the warehouse have accurate, real-time information. No more telephone or email tag.

  1. Get more accurate by validating as you receive, move and pick

The best place to catch errors? At the physical point of work. Barcode scanning validates SKU’s, locations, lot and serial numbers, and more, immediately as the operator scans them.
Try to pick the wrong item and the operator will receive an instant notification. This prevents errors such as shipping the wrong item to the customer (and returns are costly margin-killers), and counting the wrong items during cycle counts (which results in inaccurate inventory and all the myriad problems resulting from this).

ROI you can count on

Expect a paperless in your warehouse and efficient process when you already integrated barcode scanning with Inventory management system as part of your digital transformation efforts.

  • Increase your company’s visibility by 90%.
    • Have real-time access to all of your business operations on a single platform.
  • Improved inventory accuracy
    • You’ll never have to worry about your inventory discrepancy during end-of-year counts again.
  • Enhanced your workflows
    • No more wasting time double-checking manual data entry; with an inventory management system, you can now create a more efficient picking process.
  • Increased your productivity
    • With SystemSIA, you no longer waste employee time on manual data entry in your business operations.
  • More satisfied customers as a result of improved customer service
    • That is what the majority of businesses desire; experience it with SystemSIA and see your business grow 5X.

During this COVID-19, the outcome that can make your business better and stronger. Using an inventory management and barcoding system increases efficiency while saving time and money. This also puts you in a good position to not only survive the pandemic, but also to be one of the businesses or companies that increases their revenue.

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