5 Easy ways to go digital on your warehouse in 2021

Warehouse Management

Whether you Manage Multiple Company, Multiple channel, and even Multiple warehouse, Warehouse management system is the perfect solution to go digital on a warehouse in 2021.

1. Eliminate the paper

Staying onto paperwork will only slow down your business process in the long run. Eliminating paperwork can help you refrain from human error, paperwork is easily misplaced and handwriting is also easily misunderstood or misread this might affect your business and also your customer. So consider remove the timely process of using paper, and ensure you, train staff, on the technology that is replacing it, such as e-invoicing, or barcode scanning.

2. Get the real-time data

Automating your process can help you get real-time updates in your business process and there is also probably a lot of data moving around your supply chain, from front-office to back-office management and production systems. Real-time data can help you eventually manage inventory and other cycles in your business. Integrating a big data into your business model help you access important information like critical area on your business.

3. Connect your WMS to critical areas in your business 

The more you understand your supply chain and how different areas feed into each other, the better you will be able to react to changing customer demands. Integrating a Warehouse Management System helps you remove all the paper processes and utilize the real-time data that is generated through digital processes and you should be able to gather enough information to go beyond your expectations in your business. 
If you have a second thought to go on your digital journey you might also consider reading this next tip to ensuring you achieve effective inventory (5 Mistakes to Avoid to have effective inventory Management).

4. Research your suppliers

You might get excited about the platform that you commit to buy but looking for a software provider to implement an effective software for your business might be hard. Especially if you don’t understand all the implications of a software platform and how it will integrate with the rest of your systems, it may not be able to perform as well as you hope. Ask yourself if the software will integrate well for your business, but if you look for a system that can be customized to fit your business process is a plus to help you go on digital successfully.

5. Personalise your customer communications

In this era of digital communication, sending a message to your customer via SMS and email to do human interaction with their purchases, will help you increase your customer relationship and increase your sales. SO if you integrate a personalized SMS and email into your software this can help your marketing strategy to retain your customer rather than losing. It would be also nice notifying your customer via email that their parcel may be delayed, or even better, delivered a little bit earlier